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Rating scale durations

Description of the problem:I have created an experiment in PsychoPy. I call two rating scale:rating1 and rating2. their durations are three seconds, when it running rating1 presents 3 seconds but rating2 last about 6 seconds, I can’t figure out what happened.
Has anyone encountered the issue before? And how did you resolve it please?

Thanks in advance!

Are they each in their own routine or are they two components in the same routine? What start time does each have, and what is the stop type set to?

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They each in their routine. they were present under two conditions. And they were both seted to start at 0 ,stop at 3 seconds(durations).
I tried swap the positions of rating1 and rating2 , found that rating1 took longer to render, while rating2 took normal to render, which means the following Rating takes longer to render than is set

I used sentences to render them under different conditions, but rating2 took much longer than 3 seconds to render
when i delet the code, rating2 present after rating1 and last 3 seconds . Is there a problem with the code?