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Rating history timing ('sampling rate')

Hi all,

First time poster to the group. I am running OSX10.10.5, PsychoPy 1.85.4, standalone.

We are a music cognition lab and so most of our experiments involve responses to audio stimuli. In this one we have a rating scale slider which is moved by the participant throughout the duration of a sound (ca. 60 sec), for example to give a response as to continuously changing musical tension. We then take the history of the slider as our data.

My question is about the timing of individual responses. In other programs that we use we set a fixed sampling rate (such as 500msec=2Hz). Here we find that the time interval of sampling varies. Is PsychoPy taking a sample when a change in mouse position is detected? And is there a way of setting a fixed sampling rate? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere and we have not found it.


Ric Ashley, Northwestern University USA

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