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Rating/Slider Issue: Limited marker movement

OS: macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4
PsychoPy version : v2020.1.2
Standard Standalone? (y/n) If not then what?: yes

Basically I am trying to recreate the virtual chin-rest experiment by Li, Joo, Yeatman, and Reinecke (2020), so that I can control for participants viewing distances in an online experiment. I am going to have participants place a standard credit card on a fixed location of the monitor and then have them move on the screen and move the slider’s marker to measure the width of the credit card (see the picture attachment from (Li et al., 2020). Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.59.23 PM
I need to be able to use the slider/rating as a measurement tool, and would like to be able to use my units as “cm.” I tried doing this using builder (see below what my settings are).

When I try to run this experiment with the above settings, the marker only moves slightly right and left from the center.

What is causing this? How can I change it so that I have a fully functional marker in the unit of cm?

@eszubsk have you had any luck with this problem? I’m trying to implement the same thing and I don’t actually know where to start with this. I have access to the original JS code on Github, but I’m not sure what to do with it exactly (does it go at the beginning and then it’s referenced somewhere or is that what makes it all happen?). Any insight is appreciated!

I am still working on it. I ended up kind of starting over and using this solution to accomplish what this slider was supposed to test