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Slider starting position


OS : Win10
PsychoPy version : 3.0.5
**Standard Standalone? ** : Yes

I am currently using the Psychopy Builder. At the beginning of my experiment, I have a number of stimuli participants view. After each stimulus, they are asked to rate the stimulus on 4 dimensions. I have it set up so that there are 4 scales that appear on screen, and each scale goes from 1 to 100. The style of slider I am using is the triangleMarker. When the scales are displayed, there is no triangleMarker on screen. Instead, participants must first click somewhere on the scale for the marker to appear, and then they can move it around. I would like the triangleMarker to appear on each of the 4 scales at the halfway point (50) and then have the participant move them from there. I cannot see a place to choose that in the options menu. How would I do this?
Thank you,



Hi @Steve_Pierzchajlo, you could use a code component to set the marker position at the beginning of each trial (see docs). E.g.,

# Begin routine tab
slider.markerPos = 50



It worked. Thank you!