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Rating Scale disappear on Pavlovia

I have included a rating scale through the Builder (I’m using PsychoPy3), but when I run the experiment on Pavlovia, the scale does not compare anymore. I can see the fixation and my stimuli, but I can’t rate them. Does anyone know why?

Hi @ile, see here for an explanation and fix for this issue.

I tried, but still the marker is not visible on Pavlovia, any other recommendations?

I also tried your JS code to change marker colour, it works on Psychopy but not on Pavlovia
This one:
// Begin Experiment
col = new util.Color(‘green’)
newMarkerSize = 35

// Each Frame
try {
if ( !== {
slider._markerColor = col;
slider._marker.lineStyle(1,, 1, 0.5);
slider._marker.beginFill(, 1);
slider._marker.drawCircle(0, 0, newMarkerSize / 2);
slider._needUpdate = true;
} catch (err) {}