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Sliders appear different online PsychoJS than in Python

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I’ve just uploaded my experiment to pavlovia in which participants complete a ratings scale. However when I previewed the experiment on prolific, the ratings scale wasn’t visible.
Does the experiment need to be programmed on a certain version?

Did you use a Ratings Scale ratingscale or a Slider slider ?
Only Sliders are compatible with JavaScript (but they’re more flexible and easier to use than the RatignScale anyway)

I’ve used a Slider slider

Hmm, I was using one just yesterday, but I note you’ve got a white background on your screen. I wonder if they just aren’t honoring the color you’ve set (so you’ve got a white-on-white rating scale)?

I’ll try changing the background colour and seeing if that makes a difference.

Although I thought if this was the case, nothing would show on the screen. Whereas there is some form of scale:

Oh, sorry, my guess was because you said it wasn’t visible. Could you explain what you mean then?

Sorry that wasn’t clear.
When I run the exp from builder, it looks like this:

But when I run it from prolific via pavlovia, it looks like this:

I see. Yes, there’s clearly some work to be done in getting that slider rendering improved. I wonder for now if you might be able to tweak the size/position settings to make it more bearable? :frowning:

No problem!

Hi! I’ve a similar problem, in my case the slider labels just do not appear in the JS version. Any idea what I could try to adjust?

I’m not sure how to do it all as one command, but I’m using a work around of just putting text stimulus objects up next to the scale to act as labels. Visually, you can’t tell the difference. Under the hood it’s a little annoying, but it works.