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Problem with Rating and slider responses

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I am trying to creat online rating scale or analog response. I am attaching the screen shot of the rating parameters
I designed it from builder and it words perfectly fine offline.
But when running it online the scale itself does NOT apear.

Can Someone help me.

Thank you in advance

Do you find any error messages when running the experiment? Also, are you using the rating scale component or the slider component? If running an online study you will need to use the slider component.

Hi Andersoc,
Thank you or reply.
there is no error message. slider scale appears but a pointer should aprear on that to slide for rating. This pointer which is a triangle in builder does not appear.
Yeah I also tried with rating and it does not work!


Would you mind describing your task in more detail and sharing a screenshot of your slider settings? In your image it looks like you are using a rating scale component in your screenshot so I’m not sure I can be of much help going from that image alone.

Well spotted. Ratings and forms need to be replaced with sliders (or external questionnaire software like Qualtrics) for online use.

I have a rating task for two sounds. I have used slider. image attached. I want the initial position of pointer to be at the center o the scale. but pointer does not show initially. so ar i have used a polygon for initial position.
Is there any other solution to that?
Thank you or your reply

Thank you for your summary of the study. While I’m not sure why exactly the triangle isn’t appearing, you can manually set the pointer to be in the middle of the slider by adding a custom code component and under Begin Routine adding slider.markerPos = 0.5 (I think this should work if you have the granularity set to 0).
That said, because your task seems to be a two-alternative forced choice task, it might be better to set the slider granularity to 1, making the scale discrete rather than continuous.

If the issue persists and the triangle is showing up in Psychopy but not online, it may have to do with the version of Psychopy you’re using, or can even be a browser-specific issue. If the task is running okay except for the triangle marker showing up, if you right click on the webpage when you’re in the experiment, click Inspect Element, and open up the Javascript console view, you can see if there are any useful error or warning messages there.

Hope this helps.

Thank you or you response.
I did try for slider.markerPos = 0.5 and it did not work. I staterd the response screen with the polygon triangle for 500 ms and and it seems to be working fine ti give the initial position. and I unchecked end forced choice and added a key press or slider response.
These are just some adjustments I have done.

Thank you again or your kind help