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Question-Loading with trials implying sound stimuli

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I’m programming a task with sound stimuli. The issue is that when the participant is about to begin the practice trials, the task takes about 30 seconds to load before beginning the practice routines.

When the “real” experiment begins, the loading is normal.

I’m surprised because I programmed an experiment this summer implying sounds and there wasn’t such loading. I was wondering if there was a reason explaining why the loading is that long for the practice trials. Can you enlighten me, please?

Thank you!

PS: My apologies, the experiment is in French.

Do you mean the 297 resources downloading at the beginning or what appeared to be a pop-up after a long delay just before I saw the first image to classify as living or not (a blue llama)? I’m wondering what it going on in the background at that point. One may to help your participants is to add a brief message (Veuillez attendre) in a new routine just before the one taking the time. This will mean that the previous screen exits promptly.

Thank you for the idea!

I am indeed referring to the long delay before the blue lama picture. Do you know if there’s a way to reduce this delay before the pop out of this image?

Thank you and regards,

What code is running in Begin Routine?

It’s basically a code allowing the program to give a feedback once the participant gives its answer. The Feedback variable is declared in Begin Experiment. It works smoothly when there aren’t sound stimuli:

Rt = 0;
Rt = key_resp_4.rt;
Rt = Rt.toFixed(2);

if (key_resp_4.corr) {
Feedback = “Bonne réponse ! Temps de réaction = " + Rt + " secondes !”;

else {
Feedback = “Mauvaise réponse !”;

How can that work in Begin Routine before the llama has appeared?

The Feedback is given in a routine after the one showing the lama picture actually. So, there’s a routine especially for displaying the feedback.

…at the point that the experiment is delayed, which I thought was before the llama.

Oh, my apologies. There are no code component in the lama routine

How about End Routine of the previous routine?

The only code that I have in the routine before the practice is in begin routine and is made to center the text. I don’t have any code in the End Routine of the previous routine.


Hello @wakecarter, without wanting to rush you, I was wondering if there was any way to investigate the reasons behind this loading? Can you enlighten me please?

I don’t have any specific ideas at this point but I’d be happy to take a quick look if you add me to your project as a developer.

Thank you so much for your help! What’s your name on Gitlab? Thank you again.


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Please could you change my status to developer so I can see the code?

Sure, you should be able to do so now.

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There aren’t any sound components at the moment of the delay but I’m definitely seeing some form of delay. In fact, using a screen recording I was able to capture an image of this brief pop-up.

I can’t work out why the page would be unresponsive, except that I note that I would reattach Pratique_essai_par_essai.xlsx in trials_4 so that the full variable list is visible.

I would recommend adding a couple of new routines in between induction part 3 and Prime identification to work out whether the delay is in the initiation of the loop or the setup of the prime identification (which I note that all components have one or more parameters set from the spreadsheet).

However, there isn’t any sound at this point so I feel like there must be something else going on.