[Beginner question] Unexpected delay of about 3-4 seconds before my first routine

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on an experiment which starts with a few instruction routines where the participant just reads the instruction and presses space to continue.

My first routine has a start time of 0.0 and has its duration set to condition (I’ve also tried setting it to 0.0, in any case the keyboard response triggers the end of the routine)

When I run my study though, I have a few second where my screen is blank (default grey) and only after that my first instruction routine starts.

Is there a reason for this delay and any way to remove it using the Builder?

All the best,


Hello Cameron.morin

give PsychoPy some seconds to start :wink: or get a faster computer.

Best wishes Jens

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I guess this is a performance issue then ? Duly noted, as long as it’s not an internal problem in my experiment. Thank you!


telling from what you write it is not a problem. How fast do other programs start on your computer :wink: Most of them probably display a splash screen until they are loaded, Psychopy-experiments don’t have a splash screen.

Best wishes Jens

The most similar experience I’ve had is with Rmarkdown. The longer and more complex the script, the longer the loading screen. It might be similar here, although I’m not aware of how energy-costly PsychoPy and the routines are!