Pushing experiment to pavlovia

Every time I open the Builder and try to push my experiment to pavlovia it says I need to create a new project.
It will not let me push it to the same project.
What can I do about it?
Thank you!

Where are you storing your local files? Are they perhaps on a cloud storage drive?

they are in my documents folder but now I see it is inside the OneCloud drive. should I change it?

All of my pre Pavlovia experiments are on a Google Drive but last March I discovered I couldn’t sync from there so my Pavlovia experiments are all in a standard folder.

thank you. i will try. but it is weird since it used to work before.


I’ve got the exact same problem since yesterday. Everytime I need to upload a change, it doesn’t want to sync to the existing project and wants to create a new one. But when I do that, it doesn’t create a new project… My experiment is in a local folder.

Were you able to solve this issue ?


no, still having the same problem

i think it might be the problem of many users . but I don’t know how to delete it

If you use Git, try playing around with the git commands to commit and push. For someother reason, I had issues syncing as well so time to time, I use git commands to commit my changes.

Follow the instructions at this file: PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet - Google Docs

Check the title " This file doesn’t belong to any existing project"

Also there might be an issue with the post-fire setup on Pavlovia. Wait until they restore the server completely.

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