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Upload the same experiment to a different project on Pavlovia

Hi all.

I changed one of my already-finished experiments a little bit to create a new experiment and I want to upload it to Pavlovia as a new project. I do not want to add these data to the previous project. Is there any way to do that?

I believe if in your PsychoPy experiment you go to the tab, and click New, it should give you an option to setup a new experiment on from the same psychopy file. See images below for how this looks.


Hi @Bobby_Thomas

Thank you so much for your help.

The first method is not working because it still is uploaded on a same project. however, the second method is working. Thanks.

Great, I’ll edit the solution

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Hey, I am having the same problem, I created the new project, but the files didn’t upload automatically to the Pavlovia site, and I don’t know how to upload them directly, there is this “new file” tab but when I click on it it asks for a code, can you help me with that, please?

can you please, explain how you solved it @Omidrezaa?

It looks like PsychoPy never actually finished syncing with, I would maybe try going back to your PsychoPy programming and attempting to sync it with this project again. In the future, if this doesn’t solve your problem, could you please provide some more detail about what steps you took to actually create the project and sync it. It might be that you are just missing a critical step but it is hard to tell from your description.

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