PsychoPy3 only runs in its Python2 version


I am working on a Win32 System and tried installing both StandalonePsychoPy3-3.1.5-win32.exe and StandalonePsychoPy3-3.1.4-win32.exe. Neither can be opened, though the installation progress works like a charm. I tried installing the StandalonePsychoPy3_PY2-3.1.5-win32.exe version and although I also receive an error message, the program starts.

For the Python3 versions, the error popup message is the following:
“C:\Programme\PsychoPy3\pythonw.exe ist keine zulässige Win32-Anwendung”, which translates to “is not a valid Win32 application”.

For the Python2 version, the error popup message is the following:
“Der Prozessureinsprungspunkt “CreateSymbolicLinkW” wurde in der DLL “KERNEL32.dll” nicht gefunden.”, which translates to "The procedure entry “CreateSymbolicLinkW” could not be found in the DLL “KERNEL32.dll”.

My goal is to use Python3, so I’d be very interested in help concerning the first error message.

Thank you,