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PsychoPy workshop 2019/2020


is 3-day workshop planned for this year? Do we know the exact date?

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Yes. I’m actually planning on making it more generally PsychoPy this year (mixture of Builder and coding rather than pure coding). Haven’t fixed the dates yet, but it will be in the range 20 Apr - 1 May.

Also, though, we’re planning to run a larger-scale multi-threaded event: Programming and Methods in Psychology Research (PaMPR). That is set to run 7-11 Oct 2020 and will include a wider range of (modular) programming sessions (Python, R, MATLAB) and additional sessions on techniques (EEG, fMRI, eye-tracking etc). Last day will probably be a mini-conference on methods. We’re working out the logistics and progamme for all that but I’m confident it will happen on those dates.