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Psychopy will not start

OS: Win10
PsychoPy version: (1.84.x, 1.82, 1.81)
Standard Standalone? y

Dear all,

I have a relatively new laptop and it’s the first time I attempted to install PsychoPy on this particular one (dozens of times on other laptops). The installation appears to be successful but when I try to start it for the first time, the splash screen appears and when it dissappears nothing happens (it disappears when it says “creating frames…”). The icon on the task bar appears active but when I click it nothing happens.

I tried the fix found here which exhibits the same behavior (the shell does not give me any output to copy/paste here). I have used other versions i.e. 1.82, 1.81 which give me the same result.

This latter action suggests that something is wrong with my laptop but any advice/tip will be much appreciated. Otherwise I am inclined to do a reset to factory settings.


Not sure if this is your problem, but I’ve had it happen to me that an application on Windows is actually running but is not visible on the screen. Worth a shot, check out this post here.

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Thank you so much daniel.riggs1. This helped a lot and solved my problem.


Did you, by any chance, use this computer with PsychoPy in a dual-monitor setup before the problem occurred? Or had it hooked up to a screen with a much higher resolution than the current one?

Yes, I had it hooked up with an external monitor through VGA.

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