Psychopy to Pavlovia:issue with code

URL of experiment: TestFinaleSeq1 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
Hello everyone!
I have a memory task I built on PsychoPy. The activity works fine on my Mac, but when I try to pilot it on Pavlovia, I enter the participant number and immediately get “Reference error: trialsFinalTest_seq1__LoopBegin” and the activity fails.
I tried to solve this problem by changing “code type” from “py” to “both” because I read something like this in the Forum but it still doesn’t work
i know the problem is between Python code and JS code in Pavlovia but i don’t know how to proceed and how to modify the script
this is my first experiment so I appreciate any help.
this is JS code I have below


In general your code components should be auto unless you know why they need to be something else.

Please show a screenshot of where that variable used.