Builder Task won't run on Pavlovia, "Unspecified JavaScript Error"

I created my task using PsychoPy Builder. There is only one small code component in the routine “RandomNum,” which I have as both python and JavaScript code (I tried removing this routine completely and it did not solve my problem). My experiment runs as expected and to completion locally and outputs all the data to the .xlsx file (example attached).

However, when I try to run the experiment on Pavlovia, I don’t even get a chance to begin the study - the first window that pops up reads “Unspecified JavaScript Error” (see attached screen shot) and I can’t find any additional information about what this error means or how to troubleshoot it.

One thing that was brought to my attention is that the audio stimuli I present are in .aiff format to be compatible with PsychoPy, so I converted them to .mp3 files to be compatible with Pavlovia. This made no difference whatsoever. FYI the audio files are .mp3 files in my git repository, so if you try to run my experiment locally, it will not work.

I’ve attached my experiment file as well as the two .csv files from which Builder pulls my variables, but wasn’t able to include all the stimuli that the task pulls. (.jpg and .aiff/.mp3 files) or the JS file that PsychoPy generates for Pavlovia. If you need more information on my task, please let me know. I can also share my git repository with anyone who might be able to help. Thanks so much in advance

example_local_data_output.xlsx (25.4 KB)
BeneartaskforPavlovia.psyexp (146.3 KB) semepistim.csv (16.5 KB) schemadoc.csv (1.0 KB)


it might be better to share your repo (make it public). This would allow to run the experiment and check where it fails.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you for your reply.
I was able to solve this issue by deleting my experiment and its associated repo, deleting the hidden .git files in the directory where my task file lives, and re-creating the task on Pavlovia.
I also selected to use version 2020.1 in PsychoPy Builder, where no version had been selected previously.
One or both of these were the solution to my problem!