PsychoPy saving responses in "[]" after version update

I had an experiment running in PsychoPy version of last year, and the data was recording as responses into a .csv file without any special characters.

Now that I have updated PsychoPy to the newest version, the experiment records data into a .csv file with square brackets. For example, what was recorded as 1.756438 before is now [1.756438].

I am unsure why this is happening as I did not change anything in the experiment except updating PsychoPy.
It would be great if someone could instruct me on how to remove the square brackets as my R code for the task analysis does not take the extra brackets into account.
Thank you.

Is this for a keyboard component?

Double check you are saving first or last key instead of all.

Local or online?

One workaround would be to add some code thisExp.addData('RT',key_resp.rt[0]

Version 2023.2.2?

It is a local experiment;
PsychoPy Version: 2023.2.2

The brackets in the data appear for the mouse component (mouse.button, mouse.time, mouse.clicked_name).

In the mouse component in the builder, the window currently looks like the photos attached.
The issue is that we need to record all the mouse clicks a participant makes in the task as we use that information for analysis.
Screenshot 2023-10-03 123958
Screenshot 2023-10-03 124014