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Last routine of experiment does not write participant and other data to .csv file

Using Mac OS 10.14.6
PsychoPy 3.1.5 and higher
My builder experiment has run fine for several years. The last routine has only aa text object thanking the subject then goes off (ending the experiment) after 2.0 sec. But with the introduction of being able store the start and stop times of the text object, this last object writes an additional line in the csv data file, which would be OK but the various columns like participant, PP version, etc. are blank! Only the data from the text object is in the final line. It’s a minor inconvenience but not elegant. When I read a single subject’s data into R, R thinks there are two participants: the initials of the real subject and a second whose initials are “”. Again not a problem that’s hard to solve, but an annoyance. It should be easy for PsychoPy to fix it and write out all the non-changing data. The problem goes away if I put a keyboard object in the last routine and terminate the routine with a key press.