Formatting data (saveAsWideText) on newest update

OS Win10 64bit.

PsychoPy version 2023.2.2 (newest version of standalone)

The problem: I’m trying to run my scripts on a different device, and for some reason it was having trouble with audio even with all of the correct paths set up etc. Updating PsychoPy fixed this, but now I have an issue where all data in an entry is “grouped as one”. For example, saving to a .csv file it acts as though there are no delimiters, so I might open the .csv with Excel and have “thisRow.t,notes,Participant ID,date,expName,psychopyVersion,frameRate,ageResp.Response”, etc all in one cell (and similarly for the next rows, containing the actual data). This goes for all of my relevant scripts. These are: a questionnaire script (admittedly, I didn’t realise I should perhaps be using the trialHandler for this - although I had no issues previously), and three scripts where different audio stimuli are played and trials are looped in blocks.

What did you try to make it work?:
-Tried using “addDataType” before any instance of “addData”, to make it explicit that I’m adding a new variable to be recorded.
-Changing saveAsWideText settings (seeing what happens when I change it from True to False in the ExperimentHandler).
-Changing the delimiter argument for saveAsWideText from ‘Auto’, to ‘,’ explicitly. I also added in commas to the actual variable names.
-Made sure I was using the trialHandler, and the ‘dataTypes’ argument, again to make it explicit what the variables were.
-Used the Builder to create an extremely quick questionnaire script, and then compiled this to a Python script, to see if this would give an example of what I “should” be doing.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
-Some of these things seemed to have no impact.
-PsychoPy was actually confused by addDataType ("AttributeError: ‘TrialHandler’ object has no attribute ‘addDataType’ ").
-The builder script crashed (this was just a very quick attempt anyway), but I could see it was handling data in the same way as my original questionnaire script.

Very probably I’m missing something obvious (it’s been a long week), but I’ve spent a good while scouring the docs and these forums, so any help would be greatly appreciated. The odd thing, which I’ve only really just considered, is that this issue even applies to extraInfo that is input to the experimentHandler. So presumably it isn’t just that I’m misusing addData, or something along those lines.

A side issue is that in some instances PsychoPy seems to be saving a duplicate to the same directory (e.g, “Questionnaire Data” and “Questionnaire Data_1”), any help with this would be appreciated as well.