Mouse Position, Output File, Separating Character String of x,y pos & time

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

**Windows 10
**PsychoPy 3.2.4

What are you trying to achieve?:

I have a working experiment which tracks the x and y mouse position for each trial, as the participants moves from a starting box toward one of two targets. I am not having an issue with tracking the x,y position through time, but the way the data is formatted in the output file is problematic.

For each trial the x or y positions are put into a single character string in a single cell of the output csv. For example, on trial five in the “x pos” column the data is [.55, .55, .57, .58, .62, .63…]. I can import this data into R Studio, but am not able to create plots which would show the x,y position through time for each trial, because each position data point is stuck in the long character string.

**I have tried working with the output file as is in R Studio, but have not found any way to separate out and organize the position data points. I am wondering if there are changes I can make to PsychoPy Code in Builder, so that the output csv represents the data in a more usable format. Perhaps someone knows of a way to do this in Builder Code, or may be aware of something I can do in R Studio with the data as it is.