PsychoPy/ PsychoJS Compatability

I am currently pilot testing a study in Pavlovia developed in the PsychoPy builder. Strangely, stimuli are presenting differently when in fullscreen mode vs when not in fullscreen. Polygon/ text colors are not being set when the study is in fullscreen. When fullscreen mode is exited (by hitting ESCAPE), the presentation changes to what it should be.

This issue appears to come up on its own when the PsychoJS version was updated from 2020.1 to 2020.2 for our study. Accordingly, I had to change the PsychoPy version in Experiment Settings to 2020.2.3 to get any JS file to export. I am running Python 2.7 and 3.6. I also recently upgraded the builder app to the latest version. (There are other issues too, such as with ending loops.) Perhaps I am running incompatible PsychoPy/ PsychoJS versions?

I’m stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @jaygandhi, thanks for flagging, apologies for the late response. Would it be possible to post a link to your study or send me your .psyexp so that I can investigate further? Here to help, thanks, s.