Experiment not displaying correctly on local PsychoJS Server

Hello, and thanks in advance for your help,

I have built an experiment using PsychoPy 2020.1.3. It is not being hosted on Pavlovian, but on a private PsychoJS server hosted by my department. So I can’t provide a link to it. Instead, I will zip and attach all files building the JavaScript output to this post. I have created the experiment using an older version of the software, because it is the only version that is currently compatible with the server run by my department. Everything in the experiment works perfectly, the images are displayed when expected, however this is a Simon task meaning that arrows should be displayed.

Everything works perfectly on my machine, but when I converted to HTML and upload the JavaScript file, the arrows do not appear. I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer. I am going to hazard a guess that something has gone wrong with the automatic JavaScript conversion. Because the local python version was perfectly, however this time the problem is not the result of Errors in the automatic conversion of code components. as the arrow positions are read from stimulus control files.

Cannot attach zip archives here, so here is the link to the archive from my dropbox: Dropbox - JS old psychopy version.zip - Simplify your life

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It’s a bit hard to debug an experiment like this, since your situation requires (a) working with an older version of PsychoJS and (b) not sync via Pavlovia, but use a procedure where we can’t share GitLab repos, so I have to undertake a whole bunch of extra steps to provide tech support.

I’ve got a couple of recommendations:

  1. Start out with a minimal failing example and debug that. Then slowly build up.
  2. Consider asking your department for a local Pavlovia installation managed by us; we offer such services. Then you can upgrade new versions of PsycoPy/PsychoJS. When exporting to PsychoPy 2021.1.3 I did see something more appearing, so it might help.