Display issues when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode during the online experience

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Description of the problem:

Hello everyone,
I use Chrome, under Mojave macOS with PsychoPy v2020.2.8. When I run all the online experience in fullscreen everything is fine. On the other hand, if I start in fullscreen, and then go to windowed mode and play a little with the window size, I sometimes have problems displaying the buttons (rectangle) and their text is in the wrong place and at the wrong size.

Any ideas to overcome this issue?

It’s not an issue to overcome. PsychoPy needs to know the size of the window at the start of the experiment so it knows how to layout stimuli. If it changes part way through, it is not surprising that it will cause issues. For this reason, and for performance, experiments should always be run in full-screen mode. Only use windowed mode when developing and testing. When running a study it should be viewed as an experiment, with conditions under control as much as possible. It isn’t like a typical webpage where one expects to see responsive design in effect - any automatic shifting of stimuli could completely destroy the design intended by the experimenter.

Ah yes, I am not really used to this kind of experiment since I am more a developer myself. Thank you very much, I understand better the design and objectives behind.