PsychoPy project resets to incorrect Pavlovia/Gitlab repository anytime I re-open, commits go to wrong location

URL of experiment: Jacob Elder / SA-S2 · GitLab

Description of the problem: Hi-- I had a study that I created and pushed to Pavlovia. I wanted to design a follow-up with much of the same structure. I copied and pasted the task’s directory in my local directory, amended, and pushed it to Pavlovia project by going “ → New…” and created new project. This works fine. Below is what I see if I click “See details of this project” which is the pavlovia project i created for the new, amended task, “SA-S2”

However, if I close it and re-open the PsychoPy script and attempt to push changes it won’t push to the correct location. I realized that it continues to push to incorrect project-- My previous project that I had copied this task structure from. Each and every time I re-open this project and click “See details of this project”, I see that it returns to the previous project’s Pavlovia/Gitlab repository (see below):

I have repeated this procedure almost ten times now, deleting the Gitlab/Pavlovia repository and pushing my PsychoPy to a “new” project. It looks fine and the project is operating as it operated when I committed it to the new repository. But as soon as I close it, I am not able to commit any changes anymore as it has returned to the previous project. So I start fresh and delete the Pavlovia/Gitlab project and create a new one.

How do I reset the Gitlab/Pavlovia project that my PsychoPy project is linked to so that it doesn’t reset each time? Why is this occurring and how can I prevent it from occurring? I’m pretty stumped why it keeps reverting to the wrong Pavlovia/Gitlab repository, despite me creating a new Pavlovia/Gitlab repository with this PsychoPy project.

Okay, this can be ignored. I found this post: Create new experiment from existing file - #4 by jon

Apparently, I needed to delete the .git file (which was hidden) which had it configured to the old project to sync with.