PsychoPy on Windows 11?

Has anyone else had problems getting experiments to run on Windows 11?
When I try to run experiments in PsychoPy, they just won’t start. An experiment window opens, but only in the background and it is blank. Switching to the window and clicking anywhere in it just gives me a Windows error message that Python is not responding. In Runner, I get a message saying ‘Welcome to the pygame community’ and nothing else. There is a little spinny wheel telling me that PsychoPy is working on something, but Windows tells me that it is not responding and nothing else happens. I have tried leaving it for as long as half and hour, and it gets no further.
The same experiments work fine under Windows 10.
I have tried removing all other installs of Python on the PC. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PsychoPy about a dozen times, and tried at least half a dozen different versions as far back as 2020.2.3.
Is this a Win 11 issue?