Task will not run on Windows 11

My task will not run on a Windows 11 OS, I am using Python 3.8.10 which seems to run fine. The experiment used to ran fine on a previous version of Windows as well as on Mac, but I believe the Windows computer automatically updated the OS. Now, when I open the script using PsychoPy coder and try to run it, the initial participant info dialog will run but after this the mouse remains as the spinner icon and no error message is thrown.

Additionally, my computer is offline - could this contribute to the error? I am importing gui, visual, core, etc from psychopy.

The only message it’s giving me while running is:
Running: C:\Users\eegstim\Desktop\SID.py
pygame 2.1.0 (SDL 2.0.16, Python 3.8.10)

Any help or input appreciated. Thanks!