Psychopy javascript files are not updated

Description of the problem:

Hi all, I copied an old online self-paced-reading experiment and made some changes. But something strange happened:

As long as I just update the routines, everything works fine. But once I insert a new routine, the javascript files are not updated anymore (neither on my local desktop nor on Pavlovia, but the psyexp file has been updated). I tried it several times but the problem seems to be systematic.

Any ideas? Any help would be very appreciated.

PS: I am using the PsychoPy Builder and PsychoPy v2020.2.10. (3.2.4). The ‘old experiment’ was originally created with an older version of PsychoPy, I think (2020.2).

Hey! I’d like to take a look, could you share your repo with me? My username is: tpronk

I think I fixed it. I downgraded the Psychopy version to 2020.2 and then everything worked.

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