Psychopy isn't pushing changes online

Hi Everyone,

I think there is an issue of my experiment being pushing changes. It works fine online, but I have some timings I wanted to change, so I also changed the text colour to make sure I can check the changes are going through. When I push the changes, it says it has, and I can see them in the code section of the Pavlovia Dashboard. However when I pilot the study, the text colour is still black, not red.

All I have done is updated my text component from black to red.

When I push the changes through, they go through fine with no issue.

Does anyone know what’s happened here?

Kind regards,


Running the latest version of your experiment

When you synchronise changes to your experiment, you may need to clear your browser cache to see those changes online (using Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-Shift-R or equivalent). If this does not work use an incognito browser tab. A participant will not need to do this, so long as they have not already tried a previous version of your experiment.