Psychopy is not detecting Spectrophotometer (PR-655) in Windows PC

I am not able to connect PR-655 with Psycopy in windows PC (win7 Pro, 64 bit) using the monitor center.
I have tried connecting the instrument using

  1. RS232 serial cable (please see screenshot ‘ErrorSerialPort’)
  2. USB cable (please see screenshot ‘ErrorUSB’).
    For both of the above options, I got an error message, saying “PR655/PR670" is not communicating” in STDout. Even though I selected the correct port no.

Please help me in resolving the issue.

It’s difficult to say without having the device to check, but it looks like this may be a driver issue. Can other software communicate with the device or is it just Psychopy?

Hi, I had a similar issue.
I found that the issue was that the Photometer wasn’t set into Remote Mode. The way I found to do this was using the HyperTerminal to establish a connection and put the photometer into remote mode before searching for the photometer in Psychopy (the way you described above).