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PR655 is connecting in one system, and NOT connecting in another; with same code

Hello, we had a code developed 2-3 yrs. back in python 2.7 and running good.
Today also the code is running smoothly in the same machine with python 2.7.13 shell. This machine is Windows 7 64 bit installed.
But when I am trying to run the same code from a laptop having Windows 10 64 bit, Python 2.7.17 installed, and Psycopy library installed (by using ‘pip install pychopy’), the machine never connects to PR655. I have tried it with multiple laptops (each having Windows 10 64 bit, Python 2.7.17 shell, installed Psycopy, numpy) - but none of the laptops connects to PR655. is there any issue in pr655(<port_number>) function that can be machine dependent?

Please please help me out.

The code used is as below:

import paramiko #import this for ssh client
import os
from paramiko import SSHClient
from import PR655
from datetime import datetime
import time
import numpy as np

def readText(inString):
floatVal = map(float,inString)
x = round(floatVal[3],4)
y = round(floatVal[4],4)
cY = round(floatVal[2],2)

def measOnScreen():
trisData = myPR655.getLastXY()
(x_red,y_red,cY_red) = readText(trisData)
print (‘Measurment finished\n’)
return (round(x_red,4),round(y_red,4),round(cY_red,4));

textFileLocation = “D:/TestLog.txt”
OutputFile = open(textFileLocation,‘a’)

myPR655=PR655(4) #assign correct com port here
measOnScreen() #measurement starts here