Monitor calibration errors with PsychoPy3 (PR-655, Mac/Win)

We have tried to calibrate the monitor by using PR-655 spectrometer, but PsychoPy3 does not recognize it, either on Mac Pro (10.14) or Windows PC (WIn10-64bit 1909).

Here I would concentrate on Mac. It works perfectly with PP 1.90.3 on the same machine (i.e. no problem with OS/driver), but fails with any of PP3. Actually, it failed with PY3_1.90.3, too, so it seems a problem with Python 3 version of some part. We can calibrate the monitor with 1.90.3 and copy the monitor files into the PP3 folder, which is fine for the moment, but it should be fixed. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

I would also note that even manual (semi) gamma calibration fails with PP3 both on Win and Mac, but this is another thing.