Psychopy 3 won't start after deleting my profile online

First off, despite the problems I’m having, I’m super excited about the possibility of running online studies with psychopy 3.

I managed to get my first online experiment working (just saying “hello”), and then a few things went wrong for me. I think I messed up the private and public keys for psychopy, and so I was no longer able to synch up the experiment locally with the online versions I was trying to push to. So I tried deleting and recreating my account online, hoping I could reset the keys. After that, I haven’t been able to even start up Psychopy 3. I then uninstalled and reinstalled psychopy 3 which hasn’t fixed the problem.

Another weird thing is that I was able to run an experiment which was part of my deleted profile at:

Even though the project no longer exists when I log in with

Any help in at least getting psychopy3 working again on my computer would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had a look at some other posts - my problem isn’t that the program is off screen (there’s no icon for it in the task bar). Psychopy 3 doesn’t seem to have the same config files as earlier versions (so I can’t see how to clean the config files, if that’s the problem). As my problem only emerged after deleting my profile, I’m guessing that’s the reason?

Many Thanks in advance,


Hi there,
I have the exact same problem. Maybe a solution could be deleting the “user” on psychopy, but cannot manage to do so.
Does someone has a solution?

I am having the same issue. After deleting my online account (to get rid of junc practice experiment) and recreated a new one, I am not able to start psychopy3 in my local computer (windows 10).
Is the problem solved for you guys? If yes, what did you do?