Psychopy 2023.2.0 now doesnt run the SRR eyetracker

iOS Catalina 10.15.7
PsychoPy 2023.2.0

The experiment contains audio materials and eyetracking. When I run the experiment without eyetracker, everything works correctly.
But when I start calibration process, or validation or even if I start straight from recording the experiment crushes.

I also clicked on “use version” cause the experiment is built on 2022.2.5.

I also updated the developers kit of SRR Eyelink.
I am desperate :slight_smile:

I asked someone on the team and they told me that SSR haven’t packaged their stuff yet for plugins

I’d recommend that you install an older version of PsychoPy (rather than using “Use version” with a 2023 release) until we get it working.

Also, please could you send me your ‘last_app_load’ log file (or upload it here) and I’ll pass it on to the dev team.