Eyelink not working under Psychopy 2023.2.3, plugin required?


We have recently updated to the the latest version of Psychopy, version 2023.2.3 but now we cannot use our Eyelink anymore. We get the following error message:

  • 'SR Research eyetracker requires the package ‘psychopy eyetracker sr research’ to be installed. Please install this package and restart the session to enable support.’

We then looked up the changelogs and saw that eyelink has to be used as a plugin in the latest Psychopy version > Changelog — PsychoPy v2023.2.3.

We tried to do this through the coder’s plugin manager, we saw plugins for the Tobii, Cambridge research and others, but not for SR Research/Eyelink.

We also tried to download it as a package. Similarly we find packages for other eye trackers, but not for the SR Research/Eyelink.

We also tried to install it using pip install but we were not able to. We got an error saying that no matching distribution was found, and that psychopy could not find a version that satisfied the requirements.

We tried to do all of these things through the builder interface as well, but got the same results. We also tried to install an older version (2023.1) but got the same issue.

Does anyone know how to fix this//where to download the eyelink//SR research plugin?

Also, as a separate note, does anyone know if we also will need to change stuff in our code after we have installed the plugins?

Thanks in advance!!

You may find this helpful

Hi!! So the issue for us is that we don’t find an Eyelink/SR Research plugin//package. See:

However, we do find packages for other eyetrackers:

But nothing for eyelink or SR Research equipment

I found a similar reported github issue, someone solved the problem in the post. see the link [Bug]: EyeLink eye tracker seemingly unsupported after upgrade of Psychopy · Issue #5947 · psychopy/psychopy · GitHub

Woo thanks June!!! This sounds very similar indeed!! We’ll test and feedback tomorrow:) thanks!!

Just to reinforce Jon’s comment on the GitHub issue linked above - talking to the SR Research folks it sounds like they’l have the plugin working and published soon.

Hi all, we were not able to make it work using the post that June shared. I am continuing the conversation over there to see if the original person is able to help with it.

Link to the og post: [Bug]: EyeLink eye tracker seemingly unsupported after upgrade of Psychopy · Issue #5947 · psychopy/psychopy · GitHub

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Hi!! Yes we’re aware thanks! It’s just a bit time sensitive which is why we’re trying to resolve it asap, but thanks for much for the update!

You might want to try the version before PsychoPy made eye trackers as plugins. I find a workaround by using PsychoPy 2023.1.1. I read from other posts that 2022.2.5 is the most reliable version for eye trackers. see shared - Google Drive


Hi pmolfese,

I was wondering if there’s any updates about the SR Research plugin? We’re working with 2022.2.5 at the moment, but ideally we’d like to move to the latest psychopy for our final code version…

Thanks a lot for your time!



I’m having a similar issue, at first it would not run at all, I downloaded the new CoreGraphics.py file and it started running (although now I have new/different issues that I didn’t have before the update).

With PsychoPy 2023.2.x and above you can, as always, communicate with EyeLink systems using Pylink. For more information on this, including a set of Coder and Builder examples that show how to use Pylink in PsychoPy to do eye tracking experiments with EyeLink systems, please see the following page on the SR Research support forum:

Getting Started with PsychoPy / EyeLink Integration:

Note, starting with PsychoPy 2023.2.0, you do indeed need to use an updated EyeLinkCoreGraphicsPsychoPy.py file – some changes introduced in PsychoPy 2023.2.0 required edits to the old version of that file to make camera setup/calibration/drift checks work properly. That updated version of EyeLinkCoreGraphicsPsychoPy.py is included with all the Builder examples marked for use with 2023.2.0 and above at that link mentioned above. Note also, if you are using PsychoPy 2023.2.0 and above and had implemented your experiment in the Builder, then you will likely need to make some changes to the Code components that handle the EyeLink integration (see the Builder examples for 2023.2.0 and above at the link above). This new version of PsychoPy moved the experimental script into a run method, meaning some of the custom method definitions provided in the Builder examples needed to be moved around to prevent errors.

SR Research is indeed also working on a PsychoPy plugin that will provide Builder components to allow fully-featured communication with the EyeLink system (i.e., the plugin will make it so that you don’t need to use Code components to handle the communication). The plugin is in its final stages of development – look for that release soon at that same page linked above. Note, this plugin (and the examples mentioned above for Coder/Builder that use Pylink) does not involve the use of the eye tracking interface/plugin that is provided with PsychoPy natively (which uses ioHub for eye tracker communication).