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PsychoPy 2021.1.0 released

Brings lots of fixes, better layout of component params and a new Button Component to make it easy to execute callback code from a text button

Do be careful, as always with a .0 release (i.e 1st release in a new series). You can of course specify the useVersion() setting for your experiment to decide which version of PsychoPy it runs on (regardless of what was installed)


Thank you @jon !
the Button component is great! does it work online too?
for some reason i cannot sync my experiments to pavolvia after the update so i cannot test this component myself

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@jon @apitiot

Looks like is missing? I get a 404 error.
All the other JS files *.-2021.1.0.js seem to be present and fine.

Hello @sijiazhao ,

My apologies for the mishap! It is there now.
Best wishes,


I would love to know this too!

its available in 2021.1.1
but i am not sure it works online- need to check it

Sorry, no, the Button doesn’t generate JS code yet

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I was wondering whether there are any plans to integrate this to JS in the short term? Having lots of trouble programming a functioning JS button myself so I’m willing to wait for it

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Yes, I’m sure we will. There just wasn’t enough time this time. Hopefully for 2021.2 (we’re aiming for early summer)


Thank you for your reply! For now, are there any easy workarounds to getting a button to work in JS, or do you recommend using the code function for it?


I tried downloading the new 2021.1.2 to try out the fix for the slider issues, but I get a 404 when trying to download the 64bit version from here And it seems that the 64bit release on GitHub is for version 2021.1.1

Doh! Thanks @sijiazhao . On it right now

OK, now replaced with the correct file!

Hi @jon when i updated to version 2021.1.2.i get an error stylesListJS = [sliderStyles[this] for this in stylesList]
KeyError: “[‘slider’]” and wont sync to Pavlovia
when returning to 2020.1.0 its fine- does it make sense? i thought this version was suppose to fix it .

Hey @chayabenyehuda,

Our apologies for the inconvenience; this is an issue that’s indeed on our radar with v2021.1.2. It’s related to some changes in how sliders are styled now. We hope to release a new update soon that will solve it.

Best, Thomas

Hi. thank you for putting the effort.
do you know of an issue with the editable textbox on Pavlovia?
in the 2021 version my textbox wont let me type

You’re welcome! The editable textbox still seems to work on my end. This is a little experiment I used as a test: Thomas Pronk / e2e_textbox · GitLab

this is very odd, my text looks exactly like the one in your experiment and while yours works mine doesn’t. it worked fine before

Could you share your gitlab repo with me? Then I’ll take a peek. My username is: tpronk

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Hello, @jon ,

I am already appealing to the “use psychopy version” option, but the new version apparently has other bugs. I was unable to compile one existing experiment. Although the Coder view opens with the python script, it is unchanged. I tried to “save as” the psyexp file to desktop and then compile it, but it just result on an error: “Failed to open C:(…) Not a file”. Builder just could not create the file and, obviously, there was no file to open. I have printed the screen, but I am not sure I can embed the image here.

Probably worth checking if there are other compile errors like this. And actually I am compiling my running experiments on the older version, because a lot of then started to crash, for a diversity of reasons. Easier way to just use older version.