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PsychoPy 2020.2.1 released

Hi there!

This is a huge and exciting release, including

  • (Beta release) editable textboxes (with unicode keyboard inputs)
  • (Beta release) forms that can be used online
  • a whole new (themable) look and feel including dark mode. Check the View>themes menu

We’ve also fixed loads of issues, especially around the online studies:

  • change-every-frame stimuli no longer memory leak
  • no more hacks for ending loops: just use nameofLoop.finished as in your normal Code Components

There has been a lot of work on this code and big thanks to the brand new team that have been working on it (especially @TParsons who created the theming system and color schemes)

It’s a good time to download and test things out and get your lab techs to install before term starts (assuming there’s going to be any in-person teaching at your institution!)

enjoy it!



Congratulations, and thanks from all of us!


I seem to have had a bunch of issues while installing this version.

This is a screen shot of the first one…

[EDIT: Removed screen shot. The error message read “Error opening file for writing”]

The rest are variations on this theme.

Are you installing as an admin?

I wasn’t, but I have now tried to do so and I still get the same errors when opening files for writing.

Don’t know what the problem was, but I reset my PC and tried again and it seems to have installed without any problems.

Thanks for this update - looks great.

is it already available?
cause the website keeps suggesting v2020.1.3 (I have a Mac OS 10.15.6)

Hi Jon,
Congratulations for the new release of psychopy. I was wondering if I have to update installed psychopy or uninstall and install again the new version?

Please educate me on this

Thank you

Hi Jon,

This update is quite useful to me. However, if I upgrade to this version, will there be any changes to the experiment that I had designed in a previous version?

I would recommend you uninstall and reinstall

ah, I haven’t updated the website, but you can download from

You can set your experiment to run on a particular version (which is different to the one curently installed) and then you shouldn’t have any differences. Take a look in Experiment Settings.

I would typically develop a study with the installed version and then fix it to that particular version when the study is working/running

oh I can’t find the standalone for MacOs there, only windows :frowning:

My computer is a win10 operating system. Why can’t I open the application, nothing happens when I click on the icon, 2020.1.3 version is no problem, my computer has both pthon3.8 and psycharm installed, thank you for your answer.

Sorry, yes, having some issues with building on the mac right now. It works for my own developer installation but we need to look into a new method for building as a mac bundle. Packaging pains :sob:

I don’t know. It works fine on my Win10 laptop. Were there any problems during install? Did you install “For everyone” or just for you? Try restarting and then reinstalling

Thank you for your reply, 2020.1.3 and all previous versions are fine. I also reinstalled the system, 2020.2.1 opened once after reinstalling the system, then restarted the computer and it continued not to open.i installed for everyone
I don’t know why my computer 2020.2.0 and 2020.2.1 are having this problem, that is, clicking on the icon doesn’t respond. In the task manager, you can see that python appears for a second and then disappears, can I let you see what the problem is by uploading logs etc.?

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

OK, that actually looks useful info, yes. I think your system has a font format in it that we’re failing to read but we should be able to disable trying easily enough. Could you help debugging that?

Could you edit the file and around line 739 add a try…except like this:

                face = ft.Face(str(fontPath))
            except Exception:
                print("failed to load file {}".format(fontPath))

(make sure the indentation is correct - the try should be indented from the line above and match the line about if monospace:)

What I’m trying to find out is what type of file we should be avoiding so I want to know what the file is

Ok I’ve uploaded 2020.2.2 already! That should handle the issue with unknown font formats, although I am still curious to know what the invalid font file was.

And @Laura_Pissani I’ve uploaded a mac version now too.


Thank you very much. The new version is great to use.

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