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PsychoJS not defined

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem:
When I try to open my experiment it shows me the PsychoJS is not defined error.

This happens with every Pavlovia Experiment.

Hi @huppfi, there are no JavaScript files in your project repo, which means that there was probably an error compiling the JS. If you open Coder, and then try to sync your task again from Builder, error messages should be printed in the Coder output, which should tell you what is happening.

This is the only thing I am getting. And that also doesn’t explain why it’s not working on any other Experiment.

This means that there is a syntax error somewhere that causes the JS to fail. I will take a look and see what is happening.

This is an error with the Slider component in the rate routine. PsychoPy does not like the labels given using the percentage sign. Use the following instead:


Other option is to remove the % symbols

Thank you!!!