PsychoJS log-saving error message cuts off the crucial URL

URL of experiment: EasyEyes Experiment

Description of the problem:
We’re using PsychoJS from EasyEyes, but I don’t think that’s relevant to my bug report. I don’t know why, but this week we’re getting the follow error after every session. I’m guessing that EasyEyes has done something to trigger the error, and that’s not what i’m reporting. What I am reporting is that the key information in this helpful error message is the quoted URL, but the URL is cut off by the small window, and lost. Despite my clicking Ok to save the error, it did NOT appear in the CSV file (which I bet has already been saved at this point). So there’s no other way to discover what was cut off. I worked around this problem by abbreviating the name of my study down from “bugsavinglog1” to “x1”. With the shortened name I could see enough of the URL to see that there are two slashes after “data”. I bet that’s the problem. Again, probably a problem in EasyEyes. My suggestion here is that this very helpful error message would be substantially enhanced by NOT cutting off the URL.


You can see the full error message in the Developer console.

Good morning @denispelli ,

I believe the issue has been solved.
See this thread: Error when running online Pavlovia experiment - unable to flush/upload/save/compress participants logs - #14 by Nadescha_Trudel

Thank you for the fix and letting me know. My users were worried.

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