Providing automatic credit on SONA

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am trying to add an automated way of providing credit on SONA. The experiment itself works and is written in JsPsych, however I am have not been able to make the suggested changes to my URL link such as the one below.


The issue here is that my pavlovia gitlab repository does not accept these characters

Is there another way of providing credit automatically? Thanks in advance.

%SURVEY_CODE% is just a place holder for the value sent from Sona. You need to send the value back again.

Right , but before I send the value back I need to be able to receive it. Is there a way to do that beyond altering the URL?

Is the issue that you are trying to change the name of the project to include the URL variable?

Variables set in the expInfo dialogue box (e.g. participant and session) can be preassigned in the URL.