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Program opens but does not run to the end because of "MissingFunctionException"

Hi all,

I am using PsychoPy in an undergraduate lab. To get started, we asked the students to download a file, open it, run it a few times and then look for the data. All the students, and myself, could do this successfully, except one.

She was able to open the file and run it initially. The first interactive window listed, among other parameters, the number of trials. I asked the students to change this number from 30 to 5. While all the other students could do this and then run the five trials, she had an error message:

File "C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy2\lib\site-packages\pyglet\gl\", line 63, in   
    raise MissingFunctionException(name, requires, suggestions) glActiveTexture is not exported by the available OpenGL 

Anybody has any idea on how to fix this or why this is happening? She has a Macbook Pro, but other students had it and it was working.

Thank you.

That usually indicates poor opengl drivers. I don’t know what one does about updating the graohics drivers of macbooks running windows but the general advice is to get the drivers from the manufacturer of the graphics chip (nvidia or ati) rather than using the built-in windows drivers.

When I run classes with students I usually like to start off with them running on a lab machine (with a known working setup) and then suggest laptops only where needed.