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Problems with the rating tool (marker start at previous rating) & looping random movies

Hi all,

I am very new to psychopy. I am using the latest version of Psychopy 3 mac. Currently trying to use the rating tools to collect response in the movie stimuli experiment and am engaging some questions concerning the rating tool and the looping.

1.) For the rating tool, as my participants need to respond to the same questions for a few times, so I hope the marker of the rating tool after the second trial would start at the position the same as participant’s first answer. I could not do it in one single frame by track the rating multiple times as something would be appeared in between. I am now trying to add code onto it: by first trying to save the first answer with: marker_1 = rating_1.getRating() and recall it with marker_1.setMarkerPos(marker_1). However, I was not able to make do it. Please let me know if my code or any logic is wrong.

2.) I try to loop random movies by inserting a loop with an excel file. First, I double-clicked the movie icon and typed $vid in ‘Movie file’, and in the trials property, I put my excel file under condition (name:…/psychopy/vid.xlsx) but apparently this line appeared:
filename=vid, NameError: name ‘vid’ is not defined psychopy

Any idea of what the problem is?
I am sorry if my questions sound stupid. I am really very new to it.