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Problems with results

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Hi, I’m getting reports that participants are getting to the end of my study and getting a red error message. Someone has just got this and I’m unable to see their results. I have successfully gathered some data but 75% of sessions have been aborted. Any suggestions as to what the issue might be and is there any chance I might be able to retreive some of the data?
Thank you

I don’t suppose you know what the red error message said? That would be really helpful. :-/

Im afraid not. Goes away too fast to read apparently and i dont get it when i run it

Hello @tim,

I had a look at the logs and cannot see anything suspicious. I also ran your experiments on a variety of machines and browsers without getting any problem.
I suspect that the error message has to do with the browser going back from full screen. As a consequence, it should not affect your data since they would have been saved already at that point.
Can you perhaps probe your participants and ask whether the error appeared before the message confirming that the data had been saved?