Problems with display

Dear All,

I have a problem with the monitor display. On running a programme, I will get only distorted letters, and instead of a white background I will get only horizontal green/black stripes.

I de-installed the PsychoPy version (2020.1.3.) I had used - I only had one single version installed on my laptop. I also deleted the PsychoPy folder with a number of files, including .dll’s, which had been remaining on C:/Program Files. Then I freshly installed the same version again.

I got the same result - vertically distorted typescript, and green/black horizontal lines as background. Is this something to do with basic adjustments on my computer/monitor? Or should I be looking into a potentially corrupt driver? But as mentioned above I did install the version from fresh, so I would assume that the drivers come with the installation…

Many thanks in advance,