Display issue only while mirroring to external monitor


We are experiencing an issue with our PsychoPy experiments where the display is distorted, pixelated, and discolored only while mirroring to an external monitor (“Duplicate these displays” option in Windows 10). The attached screenshots show the artifacts that we see.

A few points about the behavior:

  • The behavior does not occur if we display to only one of the monitors (i.e. the laptop’s native screen or the external screen).
  • The distorted image is the same on both the laptop and external monitor, and continues throughout all the experiment slides.
  • The specific artifact is related to the content of the slide, so e.g., on a grayscale slide we see green lines running horizontally through the gray colored parts of the screen.
  • The issue only occurs while running a PsychoPy experiment. Neither the desktop nor Eprime 3 experiments are affected.
  • This behavior seems to have been caused by either a minor Windows 10 (within version 1903) or driver update, both of which unintentionally ran a few days ago.
  • After attempts to revert the updates, the behavior remained.

I have now tried multiple different Intel display drivers and graphics settings within the primary Intel/Windows menus, as well as different versions of PsychoPy (including the newest as well as 3.2.3). I have also performed a clean install of Windows 10 Pro version 2004 (using the Windows “Reset this PC” tool) and reinstalled PsychoPy. None of these steps has resolved the issue. This is a Lenovo ThinkPad T580 Laptop using Intel UHD Graphics 620 and we are using the laptops HDMI port for video output, happy to provide more system info if helpful. Open to any ideas!

Thanks in advance for your time and support.


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Providing another example screenshot, in case this helps to better identify the problem (and also for others as this is perhaps a more traditional type of experiment slide). A gray circle is present in the center of the screen and has green stripes running through it, also note the local shifting/translation of pixels.

Thanks again.


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Did you ever find a solution to this problem? We are having the exact same issue and can’t seem to fix it.
Thank you!