Problems collecting data online in PsychoPy

We created a PsychoPy experiment and we are trying to collect data online, but we are not sure how to collect data using the online tool. We already got the credits, but we cannot see the acoustic files when we download the results. Also, the experiment is supposed to record other types of responses but we are not able to see any of those in the Excel file available in Pavlovia. Does anyone know why this happens? Is there a way to download the segmented audio files as we do when we carry out the experiment in our computer (not online)?

Thank you very much!

Hi, it sounds like you are encountering a couple of issues here.

Can I check if your study is using the mic component with voice transcription? If you are, you would need to use the version from 2022.1.1 or the most recent 2022.1.2.

With regards to the excel files, if you are referring to the excel summaries, they are not supported for online studies.

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Sue Lynn

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Thank you very much for your help!

How can we know if our study is using the mic component with voice transcription? Also, do we know to download the most recent version in the computer that we used to develop the experiment?

Finally, how could we collect joystick responses if the excel summaries are not supported in online studies?

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In the mic component, you can look under the transcription tab and see if Transcribe Audio is checked. If you do not require transcriptions of the voice recordings, you can leave that unchecked. If you do need transcriptions, then yes, you should use the latest versions.

Depending on which format you are saving your data, if you have chosen csv, individual csv files per participants are saved or if you have chosen database, then all of your participants’ responses will be saved into one csv file.

Sue Lynn

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Thank you very much, Sue. We are having some difficulties finding the mic component that you mentioned in your message. Where could we find that? Is it in the online experiment itself or the online version?
Also, we started creating our experiment in 2020 and we are not sure whether our experiment will run in a more recent version of PsychoPy, like the 2022 that you mentioned. Do you know if that will be the case?
Thanks again for your help!

Hi, I assumed you were recording responses using the mic component as you mentioned acoustic files in your initial post. If that’s not the case, can I have more details on what you mean by acoustic files?

And it is fine to run in an old version as long as you are not planning to use features introduced post 2020 release. And it is also fine to run an experiment created in an older version in the latest version. If you want to ensure that the latest version of psychopy runs using the previous version, you can go to experiment settings (gear cog icon) and change the psychopy version that you want.