Recording audio in online experiment


I’d like to ask if it’s now possible to record audio samples from an experiment running in Pavlovia, in the fashion of the word_naming demo on PsychoPy. There are older posts but refer to a previous release.
I tried checking Status of online options — PsychoPy v2021.1 for a summary table but I can only see the color-code legend and not the table itself.
Thank you for your help.


Hi @f.cerpe, we are set to include that feature in the summer release. Until then, there is a demo available to preview some of the functionality and copy the code over to your experiment if it covers your needs, x

Thank you, I’m looking forward to that release then

Hi again @sotiri.
I had a look at the code and very well done, thanks. It’s exactly what I needed.

Can I ask you for more infos? I saw that the recording starts and stops on mouse clicks, would it be possible to have them start/stop on routine’s begin/end? I can’t seem to find where the event is mentioned.
I’m not fluent in javascript so I’m struggling a bit to adapt it to my needs.

Thak you

Hi @f.cerpe, yes that sounds technically possible, but as much as I would love to code up something more involved, I’m afraid that if I do, it cannot be on an individual basis. The next PsychoPy is scheduled for release mid June. If you would rather not wait until then, please start a new thread detailing the problem as best you can and I would be happy to pick up. For example, what happens to the audio recording once the routine is complete? Is there some general type formulation you can think of around microphone input, which might be useful to others on the forum? Thanks, x

From the look of the Before Experiment code you call recorder.start(); to start recording and recorder.stop(); to stop recording, so you could just put that code into Begin/End routine and give it a try.