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Problem with running experiment online (it works perfectly on my laptop)

URL of the experiment:

Description of the problem:
I can run it on my laptop but it does not work online.


when I click on the link you provided, I see that the project is empty. It seems like you have created the project on Pavlovia, but you haven’t uploaded your study on the repository, that’s the reason why the experiment isn’t running online. Have you already tried to export your study in HTML through the Builder interface and then upload it on Pavlovia?

My bad! I uploaded the files and here is the link:

It does not work anyway!

Don’t worry, no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please describe a little more in detail what happens when you try running your experiment online? Are you encountering any kind of errors when you launch it?

I can’t see what the problem is nor run your experiment because it is set on Pilot mode. By looking at your experiment in the project, I guess that maybe you’re encountering problems because you have some custom code that wasn’t properly converted from Python to Javascript :confused:

The experiment works on my laptop, but when I run it online, I see a white screen with the “initializing the experiment” sentence in the middle of it.
I uploaded the main file and the condition file of my experiment:

single_line_exp.psyexp (59.4 KB) condition.xlsx (25.5 KB)

Thank you for the details :grinning:
I guess that the issue is caused by a syntax error in your Javascript file. Try to run again your experiment and once the white screen appears, open the console of your browser: it will tell you the exact line where the error is. Then you can debug your JS file directly on GitLab. I had the same problem while piloting my experiment some days ago, and I solved it by debugging my .js script.