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Data loss with closed tab

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
After making it to the final task screen, if a subject closes the tab instead of pressing escape or enter, their data file is not saved. Is there any way to change this? Is there a psychojs command that would let us finalize and write the data file before they see the last screen?


I am interested in this also, I searched for a way to do this myself and wasn’t able to figure out how. One sort of hacky solution would be to redirect them to a URL at the end (a simple web site that, e.g., displayed any codes they need to get credit and debriefing), forcing a save, but you still lose all the data accumulated if they close the tab at any point.

I was going to print the page but encountered with some problem in my canon printer offline windows 10 was appearing everytime so please help me to fix the problem.