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Is there a way to not save data?

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Description of the problem:
I have a ‘Quit’ button for participants who do not consent to take part (3rd page on the link above - this button shows when the “I do not agree” box is checked). Upon exiting, data up to that point saves and the participant sees the final message “The data has been saved. Goodbye!”.

Is there any way to avoid this process? If a participant does not consent, then I don’t need any data at all saved (the ‘data’ up to that point would only be of them clicking next through the first few information screens). Also, the final message telling them their data has been saved might be confusing to participants that do not consent and wish to quit, as they will be wondering what data we’ve actually collected from them. I’ve tried to insert a personalised message, but that’s not working for me either.

Any help would be much appreciated!

# If the mouse component on the "Consent" routine clicks on the Quit button. 
if (Consent__Mouse.clicked_name[buttonName] == 'Quit') { 

# this just shows a 'clicked' version of the button
        ShowClicked__Quit = 1;

        if (psychoJS.experiment.experimentEnded || PsychoJS.Status.FINISHED) {
            psychoJS.quit('The [Escape] key was pressed. Goodbye!');

I agree, we need the option not to show this but that isn’t possible as yet (I think - I’ll check with @apitiot)

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Is there any news about this ? I was looking for some way to “not save data” when the participant doesn’t consent to take part, or when they hit the “esc” key in the middle of the experiment.

No, we haven’t got to this one yet I’m afraid