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RatingScale in online experiments


Hey guys,

I am currently building an experiment where a response on a Rating-Scale is needed.
I have built the Experiment in the Builder and made it work on Pavlovia.
Everything is fine, besides the RatingScale-Component.
When going through the JS-code, there is just no code at the point, where the RatingScale should be initiated.

Therefore my question is, if there is no possibility yet to do that or did I do anything wrong?


I’m using PsychoPy 3.0.0b9 on Windows 10


Hi @kantarev, rating scale or the new slider component will be available for PsychoPy 3 online studies, but they are currently in development and so not available. We are constantly working to update PsychoPY 3 and making new releases regularly, so it will be available in the future. In the meantime, an alternative approach that could serve the same function as a rating scale would involve constructing your own likert scale using a series of shapes, or image files, with text overlaid giving the rating value, and using the mouse.isPressedIn() function to collect your ratings.


Hey @dvbridges,

thank you for the quick response! I’m looking forward until this function will be available in a new update and until then im going to practice it by myself with your advices!


Hi @dvbridges and @jon

First off, thank you very much for your continued effort with Psychopy and Pavlovia.

I was wondering if there are any updates in regards to @kantarev’s question re the rating scale. I am trying to convert a Psychopy experiment with several rating scales to an online Pavlovia experiment and I’m noticing that the rating bars are not being rendered / displayed in the browser. I am currently using Psychopy v3.0.0b11. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



No, indeed the online studies don’t support rating scales yet